May 27 2017

The ones chosen by Vivas

The squad prick trained on Saturday in the Country and the coach albirrojo decided that to receive to Unió in the field of Quilmes remain concentrated from Sunday night 20 players. The novelties are the presences of Facundo Quintana and the lateral youth Matías Ruiz Díaz

With the presence of Jonatan Schunke, for whom the club applied for clearance through the article 225 of Facundo Quintana and youth defender Matias Ruiz Diaz, Nelson Vivas drew up the list of concentrates for Monday's game with Union, with 20 players.

But this confirmation of the concentrates was not consistent with the definition of the starting lineup, beyond already known will not be present on Monday in Quilmes Juan Ignacio Cavallaro, for his little discomfort in the knee, and Facundo Sánchez in the game Of Copa Libertadores with Botafogo retired with a muscle injury. The biggest doubts of the coach click through the area of ​​the midfield and the left side of the defensive zone: Diarte or Dubarbier.

In the middle the biggest problem is how armed double five and who will be their players on the bands. The cards you have on the Vivas table are Solari, Umeres, Quintana, Otero and why Dubarbier who play out as a midfielder on the left side which would give, so the chances to Diarte to continue in the starting lineup.

On the "new" calls, will be the first time Matías Ruiz Diaz. The defender (his teammates call him Rulo) of the category 1996 plays right side marker and is one of the key pieces of defense in the reserve team. Meanwhile Quintana, the striker who debuted in February 2016 Vivas hand in the first pincha, is again taken into account after another year. The young striker of 21 years had its sacred baptism as it was said in February of last year against Aldosivi, who also scored a goal; And a week later in the thrashing 4-1 Argentinos started and converted two goals.

The 20 selected by the coaching staff Students train on Sunday morning in the Country, then they will be released until the evening, where should arrive at the venue to start the concentration facing the clash with Union. The 20 chosen by Vivas are: Mariano Andújar, Daniel Sappa, Leandro Desábato, Matías Aguirregaray, Sebastián Dubarbier, Jonatan Schunke, Nicolas Bazzana, Matias Ruiz Diaz, Lucas Diarte, Israel Damonte, Rodrigo Brana, Julian Marchioni, Ivan Gomez, Augusto Solari, Bautista Cascini, Lucas Viatri, Javier Toledo, Juan Otero, Facundo Quintana and Elias Umeres.


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